was trying to figure out what the “s” in “s. fordham” (of fordham & ogbu, 1986) stood for (signithia) and stumbled on her chapter in this book on ogbu. reading through some of it, i realize that there are certain dynamics around ogbu’s work (acting white / oppositional culture) that i don’t understand or have never had the time to probe very deeply. i know a little bit about the critiques but i think even the critiques can be critiqued, and it’s all more terribly complex than the sound bites. i did some reading on the subject when writing a book review on stacey lee’s book for interactions a few years back and would like to revisit it…sometime.

in the chapter by fordham there are some sad bits about her career trajectory. that 1986 article made her famous [for an academic, or especially one just out of grad school] but she spent the next 20 years as a self-described migrant, didn’t receive tenure at one institution, etc. would like to read more of her work sometime.


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