i’m reading jerry park (no relation but furher proof that i need to start working my middle initial even more) from baylor’s dissertation and this chunk struck me: 

The apparent lack of connection between Asian American religious research and mainstream discussions such as secularization voiced by other scholars suggests that we conceptualize Asian American immigrant religions as somehow “other,” as if the religious concerns of most other Americans have no bearing or application to immigrants and their religions. In fact it also suggests that immigrant religions, and Asian American religions are sociologically interesting only for their functional role in preserving or transforming an ethnic culture or group with nearly no implications for the wider society. If this reading is correct, sociologists of religion have on the one hand made visible the religious worlds of these Asian American immigrant communities, but on the other hand, have also marginalized them by not incorporating them into the larger debates.

so how will asian americans change/challenge the way we “do” (/perceive) religion in america? reminds me of some stuff in soong chan rah’s book the next evangelicalism, which i still have to finish…along with a badzillion other books.


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