starting em early

In an even more controversial move, Ms. Rheault and her business partner, Suzanne Starnes (also of M.I.T.), have worked with their experts to create — yours for $500 — an E.R.B. prep workbook, with every element of the test in it. They don’t call it intellectual enrichment, or a learning kit, or educational games; right there, on the cover of the workbook, it says it clearly: “Pre-K and Kindergarten Standardized Test Practice.” Whatever you think about “pre-K” and “test practice” appearing in a phrase together, you have to give Ms. Rheault credit: At least she’s calling it like it is.

(pre-k + standardized test practice, holy moly)

on a lighter note, it’s also stressful being a dog…in india:


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  1. Posted by sammy on August 19, 2009 at 12:52 am

    this is an outrage! i will chew on a #2 pencil in protest!


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