first day of school

Classes start Monday. We spent this entire week getting oriented, or rather disoriented and then I guess reoriented in about 27 different ways (library orientation! new faculty orientation! divisional orientation! divisional retreat!). It was comforting to begin to see the same faces of fellow new faculty again and again. I especially enjoyed getting to talk a little more with two VAPs (visiting assistant profs) who are teaching in my program; we speak the same higher ed-ish language so it was nice having to explain my position for the 80th time (although i have it easier than fellow new person michael, who has appointments in 3 of our division’s silos. he wins the prize for most affiliated acronyms).

Some folks in our program have worked hard to put together a new learning outcomes framework that helps guide how we think about our curriculum, advising, identities as scholar-practitioners, etc. It’s really fantastic–at first I thought “aigu, another thing I have to worry about,” but it’s helpful to have a framework for thinking about how I want my students to experience development over the course of the semester, with cognitive development being more than just tucking away more facts and figures. There are reflection questions that I plan to have my students respond to over the course of the semester, which I wholeheartedly support in lieu of the paper on the benefits of reflection that Lisa and I finally wrapped up last week (hoo-RAY). Okay, off to go swimming.


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