So I survived my first day of school…really enjoyed my first day with my Monday section. People were surprisingly alert for 9 AM on a Monday morning (we’ll see how long that keeps up). I have either second year masters students and first year Ph.D.s and they all held their own. Designing a course, it’s funny to think about what needs to go on in people’s heads to get from point A (week 1) to point B (week 16), the process of grasping research and the worldviews that influence it…pretty much my bread and butter for the next 15 weeks. 

Kim, Mitch, and I are sending off a revise and resubmit for a paper that we started my FIRST year of grad school. It has been rejected in previous reincarnations by oh, 1…2…I think 3 journals? I still remember being assigned to do the lit review and just aimlessly printing out anything and everything related to student-faculty interaction.  The paper is much, much better than its ever been (fortunately it hasn’t regressed in 5 years) and we’re hoping that this will be the one. I sent off the Korean SAT prep paper for the first time. Goodbye little paper…may you be met on the other side by kind and merciful reviewers.

I got my butt kicked in step n’ sculpt today. Good times (sort of).

In honor of the Julia Child analogy I used in class today (how the messiness of research is // to Julia Child dropping stuff in the kitchen and throwing it back in the pan–nobody knows if they’re not in the kitchen):

A quick search on Tweetfeel, for example, reveals that 77 percent of recent tweeters liked the movie “Julie & Julia.” But the same search on Twitrratr reveals a few misfires. The site assigned a negative score to a tweet reading “julie and julia was truly delightful!!” That same message ended with “we all felt very hungry afterwards” — and the system took the word “hungry” to indicate a negative sentiment. [from the same article, on how it’s difficult to interpret text apart from context] “ ‘Sinful’ is a good thing when applied to chocolate cake,” he said.

(amen. full article)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jon Y on August 25, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    Why the heck do you have so many blogs??


  2. Posted by jeningrad on August 25, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    i find this entry fascinating b/c editing and slotting pieces is what i do for LR! so this is what it feels like to be on the other side of the process. aww, i hope ur piece finds a good reviewers\ too. maybe he/she will also multitask reading ur piece while frying katsu for their friends’ farewell parties. completely hypothetical, of course. lol.


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