talking about race with small folk

My dad, who is always up to date with the hip and happening, brought me this article. It’s a nice, accessible write-up of some important research on how people talk (or don’t talk) to kids about race. It’s a prequel to my some of my work that deals with how people are generally socialized not to talk about race. The Black Santa story at the end is pretty funny:

In other random news, Tajik Jimmy…brought to you by the wonders of the interweb.


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  1. Posted by calvin c on September 14, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    haha uh

    when i first saw your post heading on my RSS feed i thought you meant little people or people who suffer from dwarfism… and that you were going to go in the direction of how people who suffer from dwarfism might even scoff at racial discrimination since what they face can be astronomically worse…


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