olympia snowe

a tough woman: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/10/health/policy/10snowe.html?em

Even by the workaholic standards of many legislators, Ms. Snowe is known as especially tenacious. She attributes that in part to her Greek immigrant father, George John Bouchles, whom she recalls sending her back to school when she came home at lunchtime. She kept trying to explain to him that kindergarten lasted only a few hours.

“Fine,” he told her, “if you don’t want to amount to anything, don’t go back to school.” [can you imagine having that conversation with a 5 year old?  immigrant parents, gotta love em] Five-year-old Olympia Bouchles finally had to ask her teacher to write a note to her father explaining the half-day concept.

(totally unrelated: i do love me some mexican coca-cola)


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