the browning of america

When my parents immigrated to the U.S. for my dad’s graduate education, they assumed that they’d go back to Korea.  Instead my dad worked for the same company from after grad school until retirement (when does that happen anymore?) and our family bounced around various corn-heavy states in the Midwest for the next few decades.  I always wonder what they would’ve said if you were to tell them during college in Korea that they’d be spending their happy golden years in suburban southwestern Ohio.  After getting the below email message from my dad, I now wonder what he would’ve said if you added that he’d be taking Spanish classes at the local university after retiring.

Felicitaciones!  Muy bien, hijita!
Be humble!
mamá y papá

Then again, they probably would’ve thought you were weird for telling them that one day there would be this thing called “e-mail” and that they’d use this thing called “skype” to videochat across the country with their grandbaby.  Amazing!


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