sat optional

This article on schools going SAT optional is pretty interesting.  I don’t always like Jay Mathews’ columns, but this one brings some interesting issues about the SAT optional movement to light.  It’s an odd example of interest convergence between schools maybe getting to boost their U.S. News-i-ness (by reporting test scores for only students who reported them AND getting a bump in applications, leading to a lower admit rate) and getting a broader, possibly more diverse applicant pool.  (I initially meant “interest convergence” in a literal convergence of interests/outcomes, but it actually might be a form of interest convergence ala Derrick Bell, come to think of it.)  The reference to Sarah Lawrence going hardcore and not accepting SAT scores at all (instead of going SAT optional) is pretty interesting.  Then again, Sarah Lawrence is kind of a hardcore school in general…after all, Rahm Emanuel is an alum.


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