Most of my posts address some chunk of race-faith-education (// my research) but I’d like to note that I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox yesterday and absolutely enjoyed it. FMF and Danny, Champion of the World are two of my favorite Roald Dahl books, so I’ve been looking forward to the film for awhile. Anyway, FMF did not disappoint. [There’s a shout out to Danny in the sleeping pill-laced blueberries] Sure there are some creative liberties that aren’t in the book, but they enhance the original story and make it even more delightful for young’uns and old’uns alike.

Okay, back to our normally scheduled programming. I saw this site,, on David Park’s blog; it’s the website of a Korean American undocumented student in NorCal–pretty courageous (and smart, the Korean subtitles in the clip, so even the Obamajummas can get on board). The other day in class I said something about undocumented students and I was glad that someone stopped me to ask what they were–weird coming from UCLA where people are always talking about AB 540 and the like. In 2010 our Asian American encyclopedia project should finally see the light of day, and I’m proud that there’s a piece in the education section on Asian American undocumented students written by Tracy Buenavista and Tam Tran.


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  1. Posted by glomink on December 3, 2009 at 1:52 am

    FMF was indeed a bundle of fun. I literally lol’ed watching it. hehe.


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