younger evangelicals

This article has some tie ins with my dissertation work:

I agree with the article that there has been a shift within the evangelical community in terms of the social issues that are energizing people, but there could be an interesting article on how there are numerous subcultures (shout out to my colleague peter magolda) even within evangelical young folks.  You got the IHOPers, the second+ generation Asian/Latino populations (each with their own more politically conservative or liberal facets, plus 1.5ers), the (rare) multiethnic crowds, the 80 types of Black people crowds, the White social justicey crowd, the White conservative crowd, the emergent folks, the folks laugh at and the folks who don’t know that it exists, the ones who would laugh at stuffwhitepeoplelike and the ones who would be incredibly offended by it, the Patrick Henry/Liberty/home schooled crowd, e-t-c!  There are many intersections that exist between these groups, but also many things that separate and distinguish them despite their general adherence to a common set of religious principals.


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  1. Posted by Calvin Chen on December 1, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    that’s a pretty good breakdown of evangelicalism. don’t forget pentecostalism though! (though i suppose the IHOPers are kinda pentecoastal). and pentecostals come in a lot of flavors, too.. there are the sarah palin rural gun-toting pentecostals (who overlap quite a bit with the pat robertson type pentecostals), the CJ mahaney reformed pentecostal/charismatics, the prosperity charismatics, etc etc.

    then there are obviously the neoreformed/neo-puritan subset of white conservative evangelicals who adore john piper and refuse all worship styles besides contemporary-rearranged hymns


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