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shoutout to ohio

In Helen Gym’s writeup as Angry Reader of the Week (hear hear for great public schools, libraries, and parks).

a great last line

A most delicious sandwich (credit: slai), even better when they throw in free stuff.

the unlikely disciple

I’m only about 20 pgs in, but this book is pretty amusing, a nice addition to the list of books on evangelical college students by non-evangelicals, academic and non-academic (others being Hanna Rosin’s “God’s Harvard,” Peter Magolda’s “It’s All about Jesus!,” and Paul Bramadat’s “The Church on the World’s Turf”).

I do love Parks and Recreation. I second Questlove on it being the Wu-Tang of comedy.

I would really, really like a grader for my stats class.

if you know any cool seniors/creative nerds

March 1 deadline:

the unchosen me

Interview with the very cool and smart Rachelle Winkle-Wagner on her book, the Unchosen Me.  I have yet to read it but she had a great article in the Review of Higher Ed a few months back.  Title reminds me of some of the themes in Abelmann’s book–different population, similar double consciousness.

vote cpaf on facebook

Someone at the Center for the Pacific Asian Family knows an impressive swatch of the (Socal) APA entertainment/media/arts community. PSAs here, here, and here. More evidence that web 2.0 (or whatever stage we’re in) has been good to Asian Americans.

follow-up on willowcreek

A follow-up interview with the Time magazine reporter who wrote the article on Willow Creek and race/diversity a few weeks back.