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  1. Posted by Calvin Chen on February 18, 2010 at 4:49 pm


    the hahvihd article on newsweek is def a case of the magazine going for more of a slate / economist type editorialized writing style and aiming for a more sophisticated reader

    i attended a seminar in college hosted by the religious studies dept (including my prof who’s a guest speaker at this summer’s calvin seminar) advocating for religious studies’ requirements (and a religious studies angle) in high school education instead of advocating for biblical literacy.. and i tend to agree that a religious studies angle or unit in the study of human civilization is necessary for understanding it.

    i find it ironic that the harvard divinity school faculty encounter so much hostility from the arts and sciences types.. because even though ‘by tradition’ they’re believers.. they really take the angle of a religious studies department quite intentionally and publicly.. though not quite as strongly as they do at the university of chicago divinity school (which is a religious studies department). on the other end of the spectrum, yale divinity is still an actual functional seminary that still produces actual ministerial candidates and still sees that as part of its goals. harvard and chicago div schools definitely only pay lip service to that idea now — and as an evangelical i don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing!


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