admissions and food

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of dropping by my alma mater Vanderbilt.  Belinda/Angelica/Justin were around so we decided to go on a campus tour to see what was new on campus (Peabody Commons, my goodness.  They sort of remodeled Kissam in order to make upperclassmen feel better about having to live there…but in the end, it still looks just like Kissam.).  It’s kind of startling that in a decade, the admit rate has dropped from about 50% to 16.3% for the Class of 2014.

If you are ever in lovely Nashville, some of my favorite places to eat: Monell’s, Calypso Cafe, Rotiers, Grins (Nashville’s only kosher vegetarian!), Tin Angel, Pancake Pantry (the line was too long so we couldn’t go), Provence, and then some.  They also have Trader Joe’s now, which seals my assessment that with its combo of great restaurants, good grocery stores, live music, non-hectic pace of life, moderate climate, top flight juggling scene (good job Jason!), and random full-scale replica of the Parthenon that Nashville is a great place to live.  Thanks to Janna for hosting me and doing great work with the Asian American students on campus.


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