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career services

Nice work being done in career services at Wake Forest:

here’s hoping

I have had a difficult relationship with several reference managers, but I’ve decided to try Mendeley.  So far, so good…

Lightning 100, a fantastic station in Nashville, put together a compilation of local talent–all proceeds go to flood relief:


There are all sorts of thorny issues about how a university could go about addressing a private conversation that involves racial hatred, but I’m struck by the overtness of it all–I talk a lot in my work about how racism is usually expressed in subtle, indirect ways these days, but these words are anything but:

walter kimbrough

An alum of our masters’ program:

just finished

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks:

Pretty mind-boggling, how so much came from one woman’s cells…

free food

Really goes a long way [especially with academics?]:

She was the opera-loving, poker-playing, glass-ceiling-shattering first woman to be dean of Harvard Law School, where she reached out to conservatives (she once held a dinner to honor Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia) and healed bitter rifts on the faculty with gestures as simple as offering professors free lunch, just to get them talking.

In her senior year, she signed a manifesto, along with Mr. Spitzer and six others, under the rubric “Campaign for a Democratic University,” arguing for students to have a greater voice in university governance — an effort that fell apart, one member said, when its adherents left for spring break.


suburban remix

Not sure what to make of this, but it’s interesting: