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noah feldman on the decline of the wasp

I think the humor is unintentional, but I thought it was pretty funny.

The spread of Ivy League style is therefore not a frivolous matter. Today the wearing of the tweed is not anachronism or assimilation, but a mark of respect for the distinctive ethnic group that opened its doors to all — an accomplishment that must be remembered, acknowledged and emulated.

[More unintentional humor: “They couldn’t have been spies,” she said. “Look what she did with the hydrangeas.”]

aapis and federal higher ed policy

A new report on AAPIs and higher ed policy put out by Rob Teranishi’s team:

Marybeth Gasman’s blog on last week’s APIASF summit:

teaching sat prep

This article was kind of painful but it also made me 1) laugh because I’m writing an article on Chinese/Korean Am participation in SAT prep and 2) be thankful to have the option of being paid on a 12-month schedule.


+Asian Americans = winning combo

well said

Warren Buffet:

In honor of my colleague Peter Magolda, owner of a pedal-operated snow cone machine:


(but does ohio state’s library have an official thunder room?  i think not!  still, kudos for osu for supplying 80% of the books that i check out via ohio-link.)

magnificent migrants

Reposted from Cindy Mosqueda, really wonderful pictures:,0

Some of them send back the equivalent of my old grad school stipend…I have no idea how you do that and live in NYC.