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These guys will be at Miami next week, should be interesting:

americans prefer sweden

Actual subheading in this paper:

college counseling

An interesting study by Christopher Avery:

One theme was that low-income, high-achieving students were aware of top name-brand institutions (Ivy League) but not stellar institutions (that probably would have admitted them and offered fi-aid) with a little less household name-brand recognition like Carnegie Mellon, Wesleyan, etc.

affirmative action for the rich

New book on legacy admissions is out:

transmission of culture

I have a minor sentence in a paper re: the role that Korean Am churches play: “They also pass on Korean culture to the next generation by hosting language schools and cultural events.” It’s nothing too out there and I see variations of similar sentences in more or less every paper on KA (or ethnic) churches, but an outsider would think that Korean churches are passing on some rarefied/pure form of Korean culture that remains intact from generation to generation–like passing on a baton–when really ethnic churches, language schools, and whatnot are sites that incubate and invent/reinvent dynamic, emergent manifestations of ethnicity–like a shared, collective sense of what it’s like to sit in hangulhakgyuh (korean school) and be really, really bored. These are the ties that bind…

adventures in indiana

Took my first trip to Bloomington yesterday to do a panel at their conference on citizenship.  The best part was meeting and eating good Korean food with the wonderful folks on the panel, Joel Wong, Irene Park, and May Kim.

Will be out in Indiana again next month to chair a panel at this conference my pal Rusty is putting on to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Divided by Faith: It’s a small conference but it’s packed with some really great scholars, I’m kind of sad that I missed the deadline to submit now.  It’s good that there’s only one panel a time slot because I think I actually want to go to everything.

loan forgiveness

Passed on from spamfriedrice:

(Surprisingly?) working at a college/university, as long as it’s non-profit, applies.