psychological well-being, spirituality, and religion

New article out, co-authored with Lisa Millora:

This article explores how the concept of psychological well-being (PWB) relates to the religious and spiritual engagement of college students, as well as how levels of PWB vary between racial/ethnic groups over time during college.  The study uses descriptive and multivariate analyses to examine PWB for White, Black, Latino/a, and Asian American students.  Data were derived from the 2004 and 2007 College Students’ Beliefs and Values Survey, a longitudinal national survey examining the spiritual and religious development of college students.

An excerpt:

For Asian American students, intellectual self-concept was the second strongest predictor of PWB besides the PWB pre-test.  Previous research has documented how the mental health needs of Asian American students often go undetected because of the model minority stereotype: the presumption that all Asian American students are academically successful (Lee, 1996).  Contrary to popular belief, previous research points to surprisingly low retention rates for subsets of the Asian American population (Kidder, 2006).  The intellectual self-concept of all students is challenged by the ups and downs of college life, like failing a test for the first time or having to change majors.  However, because of the strong pressure to live up to the model minority stereotype and familial expectations, such challenges may be especially difficult for Asian American students; their intellectual self-concept may be particularly intertwined with their sense of self and wellness.


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