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african-american studies, 40 years ago

second semester

Started yesterday.  A little painful to teach a morning class the first day after break, but we had a great class.  Had a great break spending time in Ohio, LA, and St. Louis (where I got to hear from amazing scholars Bill Tate and Ruth Lopez Turley–didn’t know that Tate was a UMD grad, go Terps!).

Hooray for small towns: (Oxford is small, students+community folk, we’re about the size of the UCLA student body, maybe smaller…but 1,300 is *really* small!)

webinar on apia student centers

ACPA’s APAN is hosting an online panel on APIA student centers:

Wednesday 1/12 12:15pm-1:30pm Eastern Standard Time (Click Here to

From the invite: We want to acknowledge that APIA Student Centers have had to fight for presence, space, and a voice on campus across the country. This journey is ongoing and we hope the dialogue
continues.  During this webinar, we would like to have APIA Student Service Centers become the central focus. We have a panel of experts in our profession that will share their experiences in developing the center, share with us images of the design of the physical space, and engage in a dialogue to answer these questions:

-What audience does your office/center serve?
-Why type of programs, events, seminars, lectures do you host in your space?
-When was the last time that you were able to make changes/modifications to the space and were students, faculty,
staff solicit for support and  to share their experiences?
-How does the layout design of the space provide a safe supportive or unsupportive environment for APIA students, and how can we be advocates?
-What challenges and successes has your office faced in terms of institutional and financial support?
-What suggestions would you provide to smaller institutions looking to support APIA students?


Dr. David Chih, Director University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Asian American Cultural Center

Dr. Sumun Pendakur, Director, University of Southern California Asian
Pacific American Student Services

Angela Rola, Director, University of Connecticut Asian American
Cultural Center

Moderator: Dr. Daisy Rodriguez Pitel, Pima Community College