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trinity college

Many others entered social work, none more famously than Jane Hoey, Class of ’14, who became director of the Welfare Council of New York City. When the Social Security Act was passed in 1935, Franklin Roosevelt appointed her as the first director of the Bureau of Public Assistance. For the next two decades she was one of the few powerful women in the federal government, until she was ousted by President Eisenhower in 1953 in favor of a political appointee. In a letter to then Undersecretary for Health Education and Welfare Nelson Rockefeller, Hoey refused his request to resign. “There is nothing political about poverty,” she declared.

This article is gangsta on so many different levels.



Is what this article made me:,0,4566814.story

keeping up the family biz

Some articles recently on second gen Asian Americans choosing not to carry on family small businesses (ie, reason why parents worked so hard was so that kids could have other options) but here’s an example of a second gen Chinese American carrying on the family legacy:

brain calisthenics

My dearest friend Ji was involved in this research coming out of UCLA/Indiana:

teacher evaluation in rockville, maryland

apiasf higher ed summit

I forget if I’ve posted about this but it should be a good event–I’ll be there both days so come say hi.  I’ve written before about the need to support national infrastructure for AAPI ed advocacy, so it’s good to see stuff like this happening on an annual basis.  A lot has changed on the national AAPI scene concerning education in just a few years.

how life can be different

My pal Lisa’s article on study abroad–>civic engagement: