when God talks back, by t.m. luhrmann

On the summer reading list: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/29/books/review/when-god-talks-back-by-tm-luhrmann.html?src=recg

Evangelicals believe in an intimate God who talks to them personally because their churches coach them in a new theory of mind. In these communities, religious belief is “more like learning to do something than to think something. . . . People train the mind in such a way that they experience part of their mind as the presence of God.” 

 “The concept of spiritual maturity allows people to reinterpret a disappointment as, in effect, a promotion,” Luhrmann explains. 

[CogSciMama Ji says that this is really form of “perceptual learning,” where concrete experiences help train up later perception–fascinating!]


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