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trail of the magic bullet

(No idea how generates my “recommended for you” article list. #2 now is “Neglected, Rotting Trees Turn Deadly.”)


She expects excellence in whatever the girls do — even fire drills. “Our average is 2 minutes and 10 seconds,” she said, standing in the street on a recent day, watching the girls leave the building.

After the last girl had filed out, the assistant principal, Gilda King, checked the time and said, “One minute and 40 seconds.”

“A record,” Sister Dolores said.

At a party held by the school before the annual prom, girls bring their dates to meet Sister Dolores. “She looks deep into the boys’ eyes,” said Effie Maldari, the school’s finance director and a member of the class of ’68. Sister Dolores is checking to make sure they are worthy of a Fontbonne girl.

Plus it unsettles the boys a little.

happy mother’s day!

Says the PANK (professional aunt, no kids) to the wonderful mamas in her life.  To preserve the (mostly obliterated) semblance of my image as a serious academic, I will refrain from re-posting the Mr. T “Treat yo mama right” rap.  Instead, a fav old pic.


(Nephew #1, 2009)

charter school segregation

Later on, Ashira elaborated: “We will sometimes talk about why don’t we have any white kids? We wonder what their schools are like. We see them on TV, with the soccer fields and the biology labs and all that cool stuff. Sometimes I feel I have to work harder because I don’t have all that they have. A lot of us think that way.”

more than i know

Working on chapter 3 of the manuscript, a quote from an IV staffworker’s talk:

She said: “The world says there’s nothing worse than being called a racist. Every day on TV, they always reach a point where someone’s fighting and they’re like, “You are a racist.” And then it ends up crazy, “I’m not a racist! I’m not a racist!” You know what, if you are a Christian, you should be like “I’m a jacked up sinner. I’m so messed up that I’m going to frickin’ die . . . The foundation of my religion is that I can’t save myself; I’m not a good person in my heart. Am I a racist? Probably, probably more than I know.” “

(don’t you want to buy this book? it’s loads of fun, $-back totally not-guaranteed!)

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