There are also multiple Asian migratory streams in the region, where most Asian adults are immigrants. In Los Angeles County, 68.1 percent of the Asian population was foreign-born in 2010. Within the County, most come from countries in East Asia (42.7 percent) and Southeast Asia (40.0 percent), followed by South Asians (17.3 percent).

But contrary to popular perception, the most frequent country of origin is in Southeast Asia, not East Asia. That would be the Philippines, which accounts for 23.a percent of Asian immigrants, followed by Korea (15.9 percent), China (13.1 percent), and Vietnam (9.4 percent). That differs somewhat from the national pattern, for which the Philippines (17.7 percent), India (17.1 percent), China (14.8 percent), and Vietnam (11.9 percent) were the top four sending countries for foreign-born Asians.

(Interesting to me, even though San Marino is half Asian, it doesn’t “feel” like an ethnoburb at all in terms of small businesses–it’s basically a White suburb with…lots of Asian people. So it’s a place where really successful small business owners might live, but not where they actually operate their small businesses, some of which are actually…quite big.)

(Something else about San Marino is that its main streets are luxuriously wide, which always makes me think of this episode of Seinfeld:


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