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friends of texas

Final list of folks who filed amicus briefs in Fisher v. Texas  Am including excerpts from briefs filed by the UC chancellors and the State of California as last minute additions to the book.

As someone who studies race/religion, was interested to see that a coalition of religious groups (including Sojourners, employer of the very cool Stacey Schwenker) filed as a friend of Texas. To my knowledge, they didn’t file in the Michigan cases, so that’s new.


a history of jello (and mormons)

(Random, but why are Jehovah’s Witnesses so into prayer?

affirmative action and social science

Glad to be one of the 444:

What I did on my summer vacation:

(Big thanks to Rob Teranishi, Bill Kidder, and the CARE staff for helping pull the AsianAm brief together)

asianam voting/religion  (featuring collaborator/pal jerry park and new director of asianam at umd, janelle wong!)

Pew report on AsianAm religiosity: