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michael jackson

well whaddya know

africans in asia

Went to a fascinating talk by Min Zhou today on African business folks (mostly Nigerian?) in Guangzhou–really neat way to study racial formation. Also enjoyed first trip to the Art-Sociology building, great space.

when diversity drops…a new title

So the book has a new title! When Diversity Drops: Race, Religion, and Affirmative Action in Higher Education

death of God?

Or not?,0,2902528.story

Sheen: We are called to be a voice for the voiceless, to be a presence for the marginal. So if you have capabilities and you don’t have to work full time, you’re required to be on the line and work for the common good.”

Colbert: “I should pepper spray you right now. Just for good measure.”

(Martin Sheen, native of Dayton, Ohio!)

this ahjuma is boss

cat internet film festival

Ms. Hill, affectionately referred to as the Walker’s “crazy cat lady in residence,” found there were things she didn’t know about the world of viral cat videos.

“I learned that cats have agents,” she said, when she was contacted by a representative forKeyboard Cat and Nyan Cat, two of the most famous online. In exchange for some cross-promotion, he wanted his clients flown to the festival (inasmuch as they could be: Nyan Cat is animated). Ms. Hill gently explained that the nonprofit Walker did not have that kind of budget.

“I was, like, ‘This isn’t actually like a Hollywood film festival,’ ” she said.

Maybe not, but it did have celebrity attendees, like Lil Bub, a petite, smush-faced “perma-kitten,” owned by Mike Bridavsky of Bloomington, Ind. For two solid hours his pet was surrounded by fans seeking photos, as well as by a video crew from Vice magazine. (“Bub takes it all really well,” Mr. Bridavsky said, “but she also can’t talk, so she can’t let me know when she’s had enough.” Eventually he hid her in a bag.)