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“We tried to see how people who have to deal with seemingly in-conflict culture or gender identities cope,” Dr. Cheng told me. Their conclusion was that people who have found a way to reconcile their two identities — Asian-Americans, for example, or women who work in male-dominated jobs like engineering — are the best at finding creative solutions to problems.

“Those who see their identities as compatible, they are better at combining ideas from the two identities to come up with something new,” Dr. Cheng said. “While those who also share these two social identities, but see them as being in conflict, they cannot come up with new ideas.”

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november busyness

With ASHE around the corner, this month is busy. Giving 3 talks this week and 2 talks next week, two trips to the California with a pit stop in Vegas. Oy vey. Had a wonderful trip to the Bay Area for the Ihn-Fleischer wedding, reuniting with old friends and the deliciousness that is the fried chicken sandwich at Bakesale Betty’s. Unfortunately strawberry shortcake season is over. Bakesale Betty’s will not compromise.