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if i have not love

more linsanity

senator inouye

chris tang

The VA high school phenom, not the ENT doc/soon-to-be-father husband of Nicole:

The funniest part of the article: “Jeremy Lin remembers what it was like to be Chris Tang.”


Just taught the last class of 2012. Feeling incredibly thankful for the privilege and joy of teaching.

Side note: Still not sure which was more surreal, seeing a ballroom full of puppies in the Stamp or the incredibly long line of students waiting to pet them.

jake shimabukuro

Yesterday I had the delight of going to an advance screening of Tad Nakamura’s documentary on ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro, Life on Four Strings. It was my first time seeing Jake play live and he was amaaaaazing. Catch out the doc when it comes out on PBS next year–it’s great!

no tattoos for martha

While some Martha Stewart fans abandoned their magazine subscriptions and Ms. Stewart’s high-thread-count sheets after she went to prison over her 2004 conviction for lying to federal investigators about a stock sale, this new generation of fans say her prison time only gives her more street credibility.

“She’s such a Suzy homemaker and also did some time in the joint,” said Luis Illades, an owner of Urban Rustic, where some of Ms. Stewart’s store-bought decorations appeared.

 (Credit: Jonwang, who now needs to learn embroidery)