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van cliburn

The Russians, he added, “reminded me of Texans.”

“When I won the Tchaikovsky I was only 23, and everyone talked about that,” Mr. Cliburn said in 2008. “But I felt like I had been at this thing for 20 years already. It was thrilling to be wanted. But it was pressure, too.”

His subsequent explorations of wider repertory grew increasingly insecure. During the 1960s he played less and less. By 1978 he had retired from the stage; he returned in 1989, but performed rarely. Ultimately, his promise and potential were never fulfilled, but his great talent was apparent early on.

books books books

Reading blitz on Asian Americans, both second gen issues in general and focusing on religion, this semester. Feel like I’m back in grad school:

Finished or almost finished: Consuming Citizenship (Lisa Sun-Hee Park), Getting Saved (Carolyn Chen), Heartwood (Wendy Cadge), Managing Multicultural Lives (Pawan Dhingra)

On deck: Forever Foreigners or Honorary Whites? (Mia Tuan), Being Buddhist in a Christian World (Sharon Suh), New Roots in America’s Sacred Ground (Khyati Joshi)

more tenure

It’s tenure season, congrats to my big brother on this milestone. Arby’s for everyone!

christmas in hanoi

Now playing at EWP and written by my sister’s high school friend:

aziz on love

I’m kind of amused that Aziz Ansari is enamored with all of this random social science research. DJ Roomba FTW:

The three books I’m reading right now to hopefully inspire me are The Myths Of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky—she wrote the Times essay I mentioned. I’m also reading Alone Together by Sherry Turkle—this lady is at MIT and has done a ton of research about text-messaging. Here’s a notion she threw out in a TED talk that’s well worth watching—it blew my mind. From her interviews, she found young people are so used to texting that they can’t have proper in-person conversations, because they are accustomed to being able to wait, write, and rewrite their sentences when having conversations over texts. Isn’t that terrifying, and doesn’t it make sense? I’d love for her to see my new show. Sherry, if you are reading this, hit me up. Stuff like that really gets my mind inspired to write. I just find that so intriguing.,92476/


limitations of data

Congrats to Matt Miller and Julia Bryan on tenure!

wada wada wada

One of my fav folks working in higher ed, Dr. Warren Chiang: