ghosts and eyes

From McCullough and Willoughby’s (“Willoughby!”) 2009 article on Religion, Self-Regulation, and Self-Control:

“Bateson, Nettle, and Roberts (2006) reported a conceptual replication with a sample of 48 faculty members in a British department of psychology who had the option to pay for tea, coffee, and milk in the break room via an ‘honesty box’ that was decorated during alternate weeks with either pictures of eyes or pictures of flowers. Participants donated nearly three times as much for what they consumed during weeks when the honesty box was decorated with eyes than during the weeks when the box was decorated with flowers…

Bering et al. (2005) found that people were less likely to cheat on a cognitive test when they had been led to believe that a research assistant had recently spotted a ghost in the laboratory.”

[Hoping I’ll remember this one next time I teach on Halloween]

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