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Swiping from Alice Liu:

It was humbling speaking today at an event commemorating Japanese-Americans who were resettled in Cincinnati 70 yrs ago from internment camps across America. Some of them fought for the US in the European Theater while their families were interned at home. Some were part of the famed 442nd regiment (the most decorated unit in WWII).

Upon their return to the US they had to rebuild their lives from scratch. Many lost all of their belongings upon internment.

They settled in Cincinnati and some attended UC. UC waived tuition for them and the city worked to welcome them to their new home. Despite this, their morale was very low. They said that back then they would have said it would be impossible to fathom that 70 yrs following the internment of Japanese-Americans that UC would appoint a Japanese-American president.

I thanked them for their service to America and for making it possible for someone like me to be president of the #HottestCollegeinAmerica. America is truly an amazing place.

I am so proud to be American.

– Santa Ono, President of the University of Cincinnati.

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