the book is (kind of) out

The book won’t be “officially” out for another week or so, but Rutgers sent me my author copy. Pretty exciting! I’m happy to announce that there’s a special discount for readers of this blog/interweb world:

Go here:,4848.aspx

At check-out enter code 02AAAA11 to get free shipping and 20% off. Voila, $19.95! Take that Amazon!

[Update: for a limited time Rutgers has a 40% off coupon with free shipping, try 02RWWW13]

(But if Amazon owns you like it owns me, you can also get it there for $22.46. Still a bargain.

Tell your friends, your mom, and your mom’s friends. It’s the academic beach read of the summer. (It’s pretty readable for an academic book–for any book, I like to think…)

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