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After getting fired as a political cartoonist at the Cincinnati Post, Watterson decided to instead focus on comic strips. Broke, he was forced to move back in with his parents and worked an advertising layout job he hated while he drew comics in his spare time. He stayed at this miserable job and submitted strips to comic syndicates for four years before Calvin and Hobbes was accepted. About this period Watterson wrote: “The only way to learn how to write and draw is by writing and drawing … to persist in the face of continual rejection requires a deep love of the work itself, and learning that lesson kept me from ever taking Calvin and Hobbes for granted when the strip took off years later.”

bad robber good lawyer

much better than the reverse


asian americans as exceptional?

review by john turner

Thanks to Phil Sinitiere for fwding this review of ze book:

John Turner wrote an excellent book on Bill Bright/Campus Crusade (to my knowledge the only academic monograph on Crusade) which was greatly helpful in understanding some of the differences/similarities between CCC and InterVarsity. His book on Brigham Young is on my to-read list (although I’m glad to say that The Book of Mormon was recently checked off my to-watch list).

Another very kind review was sent via email by my buddy Ed Yamauchi, who knows a thing or two (or a million) about writing books. Dr. Y was one of the first people who welcomed me to Oxford during my time at Miami; his graciousness and generosity has meant a lot to me (I also appreciate that he used to give me clippings of Jeremy Lin articles).

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