asian americans (whoops) and self-segregation / the asian college bubble

I didn’t mean for this post to seem like it was just about Asians, but I started w/a Fung Brothers video and then used Asian Americans as an example, and then they added a random Asian-guy Getty Image and Asian keywords…anyway. Hopefully it’s clear that any race can have a bubble.

I thought the Fung Brothers video was great (it’s basically Rebecca Kim’s book on Korean American campus fellowships in a 4 minute video), especially the line about how with all Asians, a “Nerdy Asian Guy” can just be a “Nerdy Guy.” Story of my life.

What I didn’t get to really address in this post–The reasons why Asian Americans (and other students of color) might spend copious times with co-ethnics, even though they have high rates of cross-racial interaction and interracial friendship. Hopefully another time…

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