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Super interesting, thanks Kendra Barber for sharing:

glee in levittown, pa

hot dog price drop, sharon davies, and rising road

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Had a great time visiting at OSU last week. Got to be part of a fun panel on affirmative action post-Fisher:

A funny thing, at dinner I was chatting w/our panel moderator Sharon Davies, the Director of the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race/Ethnicity at OSU. Sharon is faculty at the law school and I asked her if she had heard of “this book on a crazy story, something about Protestant-Catholic tensions, race-religion, someone getting killed…like, a totally crazy story.” Besides the plot being utterly intense, all I remembered was that the author was on the faculty of OSU Law.

Yes, she had:

app waivers for low-income students

navy yard

…is one of my favorite places in the District. A slew of wonderful memories w/the people who make DC home. Relieved that friends who work for the Navy are okay, but heartbroken at today’s tragedy and the ongoing events. Keep us in your prayers.

uh yes this is my hometown

at california u

I remember those moments where I’m going through something as a black man that’s really, really hard, and I want to run to my black friends. I do and it’s good. Then God’s like ‘You need to share with your roommate. You need to share with Hiroshi. You need to share with Matthew,’ and all these men that aren’t black that God really wants me to let into my life. And I’m like ‘Why? They won’t understand.’ The point isn’t for them to be able to understand per se, but the point is for them to be able to know me better and to support me in something that they don’t understand. Now I look back and I love those people. I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

-Darren, InterVarsity alum and staffworker at “California University”

Chapter 4, When Diversity Drops