New book out in Oct 2018 with Harvard Education Press, Race on Campus: Debunking Myths with Data

PDFs for selected publications, more on CV / Google Scholar

Campus Diversity

Interracial friendship, structural diversity, and peer groups: Patterns in Greek, religious, and ethnic student organizations. Review of Higher Education.

Testing self-segregation: Multiple-group structural modeling of college students’ interracial friendship by race. Research in Higher Education.

Does socioeconomic diversity make a difference? Examining the effects of racial and socioeconomic diversity on the campus climate for diversity. American Educational Research Journal.

Clubs and the campus racial climate: Student organizations and interracial friendship in college. Journal of College Student Development.

Interracial contact on college campuses: Comparing and contrasting predictors of cross-racial interaction and interracial friendship. Journal of Higher Education.

Attitudes and advocacy: Understanding faculty attitudes on racial/ethnic diversity. Journal of Higher Education.

Are we satisfied? A look at student satisfaction with the diversity at traditionally White institutions. Review of Higher Education.

Race/Religion and Diversity/Cross-Racial Interaction

Religion as bridging or bonding social capital: Race, religion, and cross-racial interaction for college students. Sociology of Education.

“Man, this is hard”: A case study of how race and religion affect cross-racial interaction for Black students. Review of Higher Education.

When race and religion collide: The effect of religion on interracial friendship in college. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.

“I needed to get out of my Korean bubble”: An ethnographic account of Korean American collegians juggling diversity in a religious context. Anthropology & Education Quarterly.

Psychological well-being for White, Black, Latino/a, and Asian American students: Considering spirituality and religion. Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice.

Admissions, Access, and Affirmative Action

Interest convergence or divergence? A critical race theory analysis of Asian Americans, meritocracy, and critical mass in the affirmative action debate. Journal of Higher Education.

It takes a village (or an ethnic economy): The varying roles of socioeconomic status, religion, and social capital in SAT Preparation for Chinese and Korean American students. American Educational Research Journal.

A multi-level analysis of enrollment via early action and early decision admissions. Teachers College Record.

Taking race into account: Charting student attitudes towards affirmative action. Research in Higher Education.

Asian Americans

Asian Americans and the benefits of campus diversity: What the research says. Brief for AAPI CARE.

Asian American Pacific Islander serving institutions: The motivations and challenges behind seeking a federal designation. AAPI Nexus.

Race and the Greek system in the 21st Century: Centering the voices of Asian American women. NASPA Journal.

Asian American college students and civic engagement. In Ong, P. (Ed.), The state of Asian America: The trajectory of civic and political engagement.

Beyond myths: The growth and diversity of Asian American college freshmen: 1971-2005. UCLA Higher Education Research Institute.

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