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michelle rhee

dc superintendent (and former ohioan) on the ahjumas/school reform:

Rhee attributes her directness to her roots. “Korean people are not the most tactful,” she says. “I grew up with Korean ladies who’d say, ‘Gee, you’ve put on some weight.’ It has for as long as I can remember driven me crazy when people beat around the bush instead of saying, ‘Look, I need you to do this.’

colleges as identity incubators

The first accredited four-year Muslim college/seminary in the U.S.–a work in progress, but surely only a matter of time, maybe even within the year. Articles here and here.

re: minority serving institutions

In a representative sample of all institutions receiving grants, the largest proportion of grant funds—43 percent—went to improving academic quality. One Native-Hawaiian-serving institution renovated laboratories so old, the report notes, that they were used as a set for the television show Lost to represent a laboratory from the 1950s.

Thirty-four percent of the money went to improving student-support services like tutoring, remedial courses, and academic counseling. Twenty-eight percent went to institutional management. One Alaska Native-serving, two-year institution established four full-time financial-aid positions, the report says, after the college had previously used its bookstore manager as a financial-aid counselor.

rural brain drain

sorry #9

UT Austin will now only auto-admit for students in the top 8% of their high school class. Other TX publics will continue to auto-admit for the top 10%. (article here) Speaking of UT Austin, my pal Victor’s work is referenced in this article on the low # of Latinos in higher ed.

learning something new every day

I had no idea that Bill Clinton joined Phi Beta Sigma. Too bad he didn’t join Sarah Ihn at Black Greek Atlanta Picnic 2008.

econ at notre dame