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cheating doesn’t pay

It probably helps that he shares some crucial findings from his study with his students. Homework cheaters, he showed, are much more likely to get C’s and D’s on exams than those who work out the assignments on their own.

calculus camp

My dear friend Jinna is an amazingly passionate and smart teacher who runs a calculus camp for her students to prep them for the AP.  They go to Big Bear for a few days, play crazy games, and…study calculus ’round the clock.  She teaches in a high-poverty school that didn’t start offering the Calc AP until 07.  In 07 and 08 combined, and out of the 60+ students who took the test those two years…one passed.  ONE.  Under Jinna’s awesome leadership and the inaugural Julie Park/Ji Son Calculus Camp (funded more by anonymous donors than us, but what the heck–if you donate anonymously, no one can name a calculus camp after you!), 60% of her students passed last year.  This is HUGE, not only in terms of getting them AP credit, but also getting them to be college ready.  Even more amazing than the fact that you can actually get high schoolers (42 this year!) to go study calculus in the woods for a weekend is the fact that Jinna…LOVES doing this.  She loves it, she’s GOOD at it, and she has a great relationship with her students.  Talk about being a dedicated teacher.  (Jinna is fabulous in about 9,000 other ways, but that’s another post.)  But Calculus Camp ain’t free!  The total budget is $6,600 and Jinna is past the halfway mark, but her kids still need $$$.

Invest in the future: Any $ helps!  Donate today:

spencer rtg

Thank you Papi Spencer:

And don’t knock that “lounge with mailboxes and a kitchen.”  Absolutely critical.

hooray elisa

Check the latest Educational Researcher for some very nice things about my wonderful colleague and next-door-office-neighbor Elisa Abes’ work on pg. 135.

going test optional

At Ursinus College:

Who knew that Humanities could run in the black?

new journal and vap position

Thanks Doc KAG for alerting me to this new APA journal on Asian Am psychology:

We’re hiring for a visiting asst. professor position for next fall to teach some masters’ courses, drop a line if you know anyone who could be a good fit/for more info.

parent-teacher conferences