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skittles and trayvon

byebye revision #2

Just sent a second revision of a paper back to the editor. Sometimes you have a pretty good indication that if you fulfill all of the reviewers’ recommendations that your revision will be accepted, and other times it’s pretty uncertain. It feels especially risky when it’s revision #2 because if it doesn’t get accepted at this point, there really isn’t anywhere for the paper to go (other than to another journal, which usually happens after an appropriate sulking/cooling-off period). Goodbye dear paper, we did all that we could to make you better, fare thee well in the sometimes-cruel world that is peer review.

(Fortunately, I usually have pretty good experiences with editors/reviewers. Now I review regularly for JCSD and other journals, I realize what a service reviewing is, and appreciate how generous reviewers are when they take the time to give a very thorough review.)

[Q] How do you publish?
[A] Be stubborn, try to write almost every day, and know that rejection is a very, very normal part of the process.

charles murray on colbert

Best part: “Psycho-mo-hum-wha?”

(Thanks to the fabulous Maria Ledesma for passing on. My cliff notes on Murray’s book were re-posted @Patheos, thanks to Jerry Park for making that happen) 

a true korean (small business) drama

Reposting from AngryPhil. I don’t know anything about this guy, but it’s kind of surreal that his mother’s business (classic Korean liquor store) derailed his nomination to the NJ Supreme Court:

motherlode on race

Some everyday reminders of the broken world that we live in:

On a less depressing note, am having a wonderful time in Louisville catching up with friends and seeing my colleague Susan Komives receive the ACPA Lifetime Achievement Award.

viva la clam shell!

I love my LG VX8300 but it’s literally falling apart. Fortunately I have another clam shell waiting in the wings:

when poverty was white

Another perspective on Murray’s book: